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Begin your journey toward making a difference in the lives of children.

Progressus Therapy has nurtured the careers of thousands of clinicians, providing the guidance and support they need on their pathway to leadership. Let your Progressus Experience begin as a student, with a fieldwork or externship experience, or let us provide the support and mentoring you need during your CF or your first year after graduation. We will help you move towards leadership, providing you with tools, resources, professional devlopment and valuable counsel every step of the way. By partnering with Progressus Therapy, you’re able to grow your career, while expanding your community of connections and professional experiences.

At Progressus Therapy, we offer:

  • Externships and fieldwork opportunities
  • Career Launch™ program to support first-year clinicians
  • Support and mentoring from leaders in speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy
  • Professional development program for continued learning and skill development
Contact Progressus Therapy at 800.239.7979 to learn more about starting your career.

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