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Speech-Language Pathology Jobs in Florida

When looking for speech language pathology jobs in Florida, make sure you have everything lined up to acquire the proper licensing. Keep in mind that the State of Florida is unique and has its own requirements. These may not be the same as another state for which you have previously prepared a license application. If you want to look at speech language pathology jobs in Florida, follow its requirements. As you look through the list of available jobs, keep the following items in mind:


Location may or may not be important to you. If you already know you want to work in Florida, you may simply choose the job that looks like the best fit and apply. If, however, you have a reasons to live and work in a certain area, decide whether or not location is a primary consideration and apply for jobs accordingly. Depending on job availability, you may have to adjust your preferences.


Some speech language pathology jobs in Florida are full-time while others are part-time. Evaluate your lifestyle and personal needs in terms of how many hours you are able to work. If you want to work only part-time, a position requiring only a few hours a week may be right for you. If you need to earn a full-time income, however, you may want to look for something that offers a salary with benefits, paid vacation and sick time. Try to find something that fits your needs. If you want a full-time job and the right job is not available, consider taking something part-time as an interim step. You could also work more than one part-time position to make up the salary difference, although health benefits might still be an issue.


Salary is a consideration with any job and there are a range of options for speech language pathology jobs in Florida. Jobs in the healthcare industry usually pay more than those in a school district. Think about the types of patients with whom you want to work and how important salary is to you. Experience also factors into what you will be paid. Sometimes salary is negotiable, so don't rule the job out completely unless the listing posts the salary as firm. Florida offers many speech language pathology jobs, so go through the listings and see which ones match your experience, and requirements.