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Physical Therapy Jobs in San Antonio Texas

Physical Therapy Jobs in San Antonio, Texas

Progressus Therapy does not currently have open positions in this location. However, new career opportunities are available every day. Please send us your resume and contact information so we can schedule a time for you to speak with a Career Services Manager about what you are looking for in your next career opportunity.

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Build Your PT Career with Progressus

If you’d like to take your career in physical therapy to San Antonio, Progressus Therapy is a great place to start, especially if you value flexibility in opportunities or location. Whether you are seeking a full job transfer or a transitional period in your career as you consider your options, Progressus Therapy can be a great resource for you.

Physical therapy jobs in San Antonio are helping the Texas families we serve get back in action. That’s why our network of partners with physical therapist jobs in San Antonio, TX encourages you to consider a set of great opportunities listed here on the Progressus Therapy website.

While physical therapy jobs in San Antonio may cover a broad spectrum, typically our site includes opportunities in schools, clinics and state EI agencies. At Progressus Therapy you can seek PT jobs with your career goals in mind. Plan your next career move in San Antonio and Progressus takes care of the rest. Compensation, benefits and professional considerations: everything you need as you proceed to the next step in your career. PT jobs in San Antonio are your chance to kick your boots up in one of the most interesting cities of the Lone Star State.

It’s all part of the Progressus Therapy spectrum. We offer physical therapy positions Texas to Illinois, from California to Florida, all the way to Washington, D.C. Search close to home or move somewhere new. We make it possible at Progressus Therapy, and there are hot markets for physical therapist jobs in cities across the country.

But don’t get us wrong! We’re glad you’re here to take a look at San Antonio, because we work closely with our partners in each city and can help you increase your options. Review quality physical therapy jobs in San Antonio to determine your top priorities, and know that with Progressus Therapy you are selecting from the best PT jobs available.

Work with one of our career services professionals to narrow your search to find the right physical therapist jobs in San Antonio and identify where you’d prefer to work in the San Antonio area. It’s our goal not just to find you a job in San Antonio, but also to get you situated in a position that that helps you achieve your personal and professional goals..

Progressus Therapy provides exceptional work/life balance, with a focus on robust benefits and your professional growth

  • Competitive compensation and flexible pay options
  • Access to healthcare, dental, disability and life insurance
  • Allowance stipend for professional development
  • Access to unlimited CEUs through the Progressus Pathways Learning Center
  • Matching 401(k) contributions
  • Licensure reimbursement
  • Dues stipend for professional membership
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Referral bonuses
  • Time off, paid
  • Flexible schedule and workplace choices for better work/life balance
  • A community of collaboration and respect
  • Clinical support and guidance
  • Relocation assistance

Our physical therapy jobs in San Antonio provide the opportunity to focus on your profession while building a lifestyle you can appreciate and enjoy in this Alamo town! We have great connections with school districts, charter schools, clinics, and community agencies where your skills will be highly valued.

There’s no better way to expand your career in physical therapy than by seeking a new position in San Antonio through Progressus Therapy today. Explore and let us know if we can answer any questions about helping you find a great new job. We’ll help you make progress in what you love to do best, helping people in your career in physical therapy.

Progressus Therapy. Your work outlook just got better.