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Progressus Therapy is a nationwide provider of school-based therapy and early intervention services for school districts and communities across the country.

As an organization with more than 20 years of service to our partners, our company focuses on best practices and producing exceptional outcomes for children while providing equally exceptional career choices for professionals seeking therapy jobs in school-based and early intervention services.

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The Progressus Experience

  • School-Based

    Our expertise is in school-based service delivery. Partnering with school districts around the country, we provide speech-language, occupational and physical therapy services to school-aged children up to age 21 who have a variety of disabilities. Learn more about therapist jobs and school-based opportunities …

  • Early Intervention

    Our EI program is designed to enhance the development of at-risk infants and toddlers. We have built our EI program upon three principles to support children and families: excellent teamwork, exceptional service delivery and comprehensive assessments and evaluations. Learn more about careers in therapy and early intervention opportunities…

  • The Progressus Experience

    We are committed to providing opportunities for success through quality therapy jobs and rewarding careers. Our growing community of Progressus clinicians enjoys competitive salaries, benefits, support and nationwide opportunities. Learn more about The Progressus Experience …

About Progressus Therapy

Grow your career as a therapist here

As a national company with a continually growing network of partnerships with school districts and early intervention programs, Progressus Therapy is positioned to help you advance your career by offering therapist jobs for speech-language pathologists (SLP), occupational therapists (OT), physical therapists (PT), psychologists, special education teachers and early intervention (EI) providers.

Progressus Therapy provides clinicians with access to opportunities for school-based and early intervention therapy jobs across the country. Progressus Therapy builds and maintains working partnerships with school districts and early intervention programs from California to Illinois, Washington, D.C. to Florida and more. These relationships are collaborative in our common mission to help children achieve positive outcomes and to affirm and support the clinicians who provide these to children with special needs. We do that by working with the highest quality therapists available throughout the country.

Take your therapist career where you want to go

You can search therapy jobs by location or type, or focus on school-based or early intervention therapist jobs. This enables you to seek a therapy job close to home or to explore the idea of finding a position in another part of the country. Career focus and flexibility go together with Progressus Therapy. Just tell us where you want to go with your career search.

It’s a dynamic process. Progressus Therapy is in constant receipt of new and quality therapist jobs from our school and community partners across the country. That means there are constantly new job opportunities that we gather and share with professionals like you who seek to make positive contributions to the lives of children and their families.

We excel in helping you explore new types of opportunities—jobs that differ in all the right ways from your current or previous employment. Hundreds of clinicians like you find new work each year in positions they love through Progressus Therapy, a national company with regional and local connections to help your search be personalized, professional and productive. Our highly sophisticated and eminently searchable jobs database offers daily updates on therapy positions to help you identify and apply for positions that match your skills and objectives. The Progressus Therapy network is composed of highly desirable potential employers seeking people like you with the skills as clinicians to help better the lives of children and their families. It is this convergence of quality employers and quality associates like you that Progressus Therapy builds and maintains on a daily basis. The outcomes are beneficial to all concerned. The clinics, schools and organizations we serve are better for the therapists they hire through Progressus Therapy, and the families whose children grow in learning and health gain critical advantage for their loved ones in the process.

Improving the Lives of Children and Families

Over the past twenty years, the number of children enrolled in special education in the U.S. has grown exponentially such that today more than one in 10 children receive special education services. "Schools have decreasing budgets and increasing obligations for how they support students. District and charters benefit from a partner like Progressus Therapy that provides exceptional special education staff. Communities similarly benefit from our early intervention work that supports children and families before they enter school," explained Janet Knupp, President and CEO. Progressus employs nearly 600 highly qualified professionals who work with family and school communities to improve the outcomes of children with special needs ‹ not just in school, but also for life. Watch the video and learn how our therapy helps children achieve milestones.

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